I’m awake. You’re asleep. How did it get so achingly beautiful? To never ending looping conversations to fragmented sentences. To torrential rains to a wavering unsettling ocean. To a plethora of infinite possibilities to limited shades of crazy. To the running on busy junctions to a faltered stride. To the nuanced crimson to a fading pink.
Maybe it was supposed to this way. A fawn never coexisted with a lion anyway. A lion with a poised beauty by his side; a forest rampant with trepidation. But hush now didn’t the leaves make a sound? Now the deepening green knows. Knows the secret of the beyond where we hide.
An imaginary make pretend hideaway which gives an exhilarating rush. Euphoric but catastrophic. Faster. The giddiness may make me nauseous. Faster. But the anticipation is so amazing. Jump. My vision’s too blurry the fallen bark might be a problem. Look now. There she goes with her mane eliciting a wonder. A profound joy. Hinder. Who can compete with the law of the Forest. Drifter. Run away and never come back. Those dark woods were a curse even for a  venture.

© Rushna Imdad. All rights reserved. Published on October 13,2016.


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