Should’ve let you leave when you asked

Should’ve let you breathe when you were masked

Should’ve done a million things over differently

Should’ve waited for the punishment and the penalty

Should’ve made you wait instead of scuttling towards the door

Should’ve construed myself as a bore

Should’ve melted into the dark when you saw me at the bar

Should’ve not agree for a ride in your car

Should’ve left when I had the chance

Should’ve responded to your insistences with a menace

Because don’t you see where I am?

A shrouded black cloud hovering above ready to maim

Because don’t you see I’m back to where I started

A mess; pale faced and broken hearted

Could’ve hurt you when you screamed her name

Could’ve killed you just for ending this game

Could’ve hurled you on the floor tainting it with blood

Could’ve broken your face for making my eyes flood

Could’ve done a million things differently

Could’ve ended things with a finality

They say hurt people hurt people

But for that you have to be classified as one of the people

You smeared, whacked, ruined, broke and fucked me over

I’m just tryna do the same thing but on paper

Can’t say I’ll succeed until I see you bleed

Renew your IVs cause I just gave myself a lead

© Rushna Imdad . All rights reserved. Published on June 14, 2017.

Image not owned by me. Credits to LDR and her team.


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