I hope I ruined a million things for you too
I hope you can’t listen to Lana Del Rey or U2
I dare you to put Game of Thrones on a loop
Accompany it with my favourite B&J’s scoop
Think of me as you eat it & be bitter
Did it destruct that flavour for you or should we order another?
Go ahead walk into my favourite bookshop
Touch the surfaces of all the paperbacks I thought of
While you’re there visit that coffee place at the back too
Sit down and listen to Sinatra like I used to do
Are you barfing yet or is it just me?
Sickened at the sight of you in their company
Now let’s take a detour of the town
Come on now it won’t do with that frown
Scared yet or am I fretting you too much?
Lost your appetite or should we grab that lunch
That I missed while you were laughing in the crowd absorbent
Making a fool out of me, colouring me insolvent
Do you remember this bridge at the left of this curve?
That’s where you left me, you had some nerve
I made my way walking a thousand miles
And you on yours while you stole all my smiles
There’s that library where you told me you don’t give a fuck
This is the bar where you told me all the muck
Tore my heart away only to run away
Far away basically your way
No don’t let the Smiths play
On your stereo or the Fray
The lyrics will eat your insides as you collide
With the symphonies my heart made by your side
While you’re at it ban the Velvet Underground
To make any more sound
In your empty room as you lay
Wide awake; my penchant for dramatic has led you astray
To make you a regular on the 3 am express
Join in but I’m sure Nas may digress
I hope I ruined a million things for you too
I hope you can’t forget me even though you want to
I hope I ruined all of things that remind you of me
I hope you can’t go to sleep without thinking of me.

© Rushna Imdad . All rights reserved. Published on June 17, 2017.

Image not owned by me. Credits to the respective owner and Marina.




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